“Once I start dealing with Convertify nothing was too much trouble — Our old site was out of date and unreadable on a phone. Now I can view it on an iPhone, details are up to date and the layout is much clearer than before. I will having them set up another site for our second company.”

Guy Lamperd

Director, Acton Electrical

About the Project

Acton’s website was untouched for over half a decade, it’s lucky for us there’s no cobwebs on the internet… only cyber dust…

Our role in this project was straight-forward but important nonetheless. The site was very light on content, so instead of making users click around only to find small snippets of info, we collated everything on a sleek, single-page scrolling site.

Services Rendered

  • Planning & User Experience (UX)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Branding

Why it’s Working

Project Key Feature

Information Architecture

Having the layout of the website designed around it’s content means that the most relevant information will be shown first, with more in depth material easy to locate

Single Page Design

Collating only the most important information on a single page makes for a faster and more effective user experience.

Project Portfolio

The project portfolio plays an important role in winning over prospects by providing evidence that you have the capabilities to do what you are promising.

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