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Thanh (Tam) Pham

Physiotherapist / Clinical Pilates PCP Yarraville

About the Project

Booster is a pilates & fitness studio based in Zürich, Switzerland. With plans to open a new studio they saw the need to update their website.

The resign was executed with Boosters multiple locations and scalability in mind. Because so much of the content is specific to each location (E.g. instructors, timetables, locations) we created ‘sub-sites’ for each location.

The site has a payment gateway for purchasing class credits, online booking, new member sign-up and existing member login.




Services Rendered

  • Planning & User Experience (UX)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design & Branding

Why it’s Working

Project Key Feature

Online Booking

Handling eCommerce with a dedicated third-party booking software ensures buying class credits and booking is easy and secure.

Location Sub-Sites

Each individual studio has it’s own dedicated page which acts like it’s very own mini-website and contains location independent information like timetables, instructors and class booking.

Membership sign-up/login

Quick sign up simple login allows customers to quickly buy credits and book classes.

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